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Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss T* POL 95mm

Rp 7.250.000 Warranty: Non Warranty

Specification :

  • Helps to Eliminate Reflections and Glare
  • Reduces Haze and Blue Cast in Landscapes
  • Greater Color and Tonal Saturation
  • T* Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Slim Profile Filter Ring
  • High Quality Glass Construction

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The Carl ZEISS T* Circular Polarizer Filter from ZEISS helps to reduce reflections and glare by filtering out light that has become polarized due to reflection from a non-metallic surface. A polarizer is able to absorb much of this polarized light and, in turn, increase the saturation of skies and foliage, cut through distant haze, and minimize reflections in glass and on water.

A circular polarizer differs from a linear polarizer in that it integrates a quarter wave plane within a linear polarizing filter. The addition of this helps to circularly polarize reflected light, which enables your camera's autofocus and auto-exposure mechanisms to function properly.

The T* anti-reflective coating helps to reduce reflections on the filter's surface and promote a better light transmission for high quality imagery. The filter ring is designed with a slim profile to allow its use on wide angle lenses, but front filter threads are still available for the use of additional filters.

Helps to reduce reflections and glare by filtering out light that has become polarized due to reflection from a non-metallic surface.
Clears up haze in distant landscapes and provides more saturated, vivid colors.
Strongest effect when used at a 90° angle from the sun.
Circular polarizers are ideal for use with digital cameras and autofocus lenses where a linear polarizer will often disrupt auto exposure and focus features.
T* anti-reflective helps to reduce surface reflections in order to produce greater light transmission for a higher quality image.
Diameter in mm49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82, 95
TypeCircular polarizer
Multi-CoatedYes; T* anti-reflective coating
EffectEliminates reflections and haze and improves color and tonal saturation 
Minimizes light reflections on non-metallic surfaces and increases the color saturation of long-distance shots
PrecisionRotary mount to set the filter effect (light reduction: 1.5–2 EV)
QualityHigh-quality glass featuring Carl Zeiss T* anti-reflective coating
FlexibilityHigh-fit accuracy for fast filter change. Can be used with a lens shade
CompatibilityIdeal for ZEISS lenses. Can be used with non-ZEISS lenses
ConstructionHigh quality glass
Video not available.

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