Jual Godox LED 36 Video Lamp Light for Digital Camera Camcorder DV dengan harga terjangkau
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Godox LED 36 Video Lamp Light for Digital Camera Camcorder DV

Rp 250.000 Warranty: Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun

Specification :

  • Fits almost any DSLR cameras and camcorders,Used for macrophotography, product shooting, and video recording, etc
  • Lightweight and portable lights can be interlocked, so as to achieve different light brightness.
  • -Low power consumption, friendly environmental, and long service life.
  • Support interlocking Multiple video lights, multiple lights can be interlocked together to strengthen lighting brightness and to get better lighting effects.

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LED video light is a portable continuous light for indoor and outdoor shooting, to provide adequate and stable light source for macro photography, wedding photography, news site, still life photography, video capture, etc. This portable light provides high brightness and accurate color can flexibly control the light brightness by using the dimmer and by interlocking multiple lights. Its applicable to all brands of SLR cameras and camcorders.

Video Source by DOPETech

Fits almost any DSLR cameras and camcorders

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