Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary for Fujifilm X Mount APSC
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Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary for Fujifilm X Mount APSC

Rp 6.630.000   Rp 5.810.000 Warranty: Resmi 2 Tahun Aneka Warna
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Periode :
01 Mei - 02 Juni 2024

Specification :

  • X-Mount Lens/APS-C Format
  • 24mm (35mm Equivalent)
  • Aperture Range: f/1.4 to f/16
  • Two SLD Elements, Three FLD Elements
  • Two Aspherical Elements
  • Super Multi-Layer Coating
  • Stepping Motor AF System
  • Weather-Sealed Construction
  • Rounded 9-Blade Diaphragm
  • Included :
  • 1x Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens
  • 1x Sigma Lens Cap
  • 1x Sigma Rear Cap
  • 1x Sigma Petal-Type Lens Hood
  • 1x Manual Book
  • 1x Kartu Garansi Resmi

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A member of the high-performance Contemporary line,
featuring SIGMA’s latest technologies

For optimal balance with light, compact camera bodies with a short flange back distance, SIGMA designed the new SIGMA 16mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary lens to be extremely compact. Moreover, the special design of the focus lens group allows fast and smooth AF performance for videography and more. This lens combines a compact design and comfortable operation while prioritizing outstanding image quality. Featuring SIGMA’s latest technologies, this lens digitally corrects optical distortion.

The stepping motor delivers excellent autofocus with quiet performance.

The optical design and stepping motor deliver smooth autofocus during video shooting. The lens design fully accommodates the Fast Hybrid AF of Sony E-mount cameras for super-fast autofocus functionality. Using face recognition AF results in consistent autofocusing on faces, even as the subjects move.

Combining compactness with outstanding optical performance

The SIGMA 16mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary features SIGMA’s inner focus technologies, while lighter lens elements in the focus lens group make possible a more compact actuator. Moreover, this lens offers outstanding stability whether the photographer is shooting handheld or has the camera placed on a surface. Structurally, the lens features materials and parts that contribute to its compact, lightweight structure. In summary, this is an unprecedented lens that combines outstanding optical performance with exceptional portability and usability.

  • FLD glass
  • SLD glass
  • Aspherical lens

Large lens hood (supplied) to keep out harmful rays

The lens hood cuts harmful rays that can negatively affect photographs while also minimizing reflectivity within the hood itself. The hood also features a rubber construction and a non-slip groove to make it easy to hold in a variety of shooting situations.

rugged brass bayonet mount

The brass mount combines high precision with rugged construction. Its treated surfaces and enhanced strength contribute to the exceptional durability of the lens.

Mount with Dust and Splash Resistant Structure

The mount features a special sealing* for a dust and splash resistant structure to make the lens an excellent choice in a wide variety of conditions.

*Except for Canon EF-M mount

Image quality rivaling
that of our Art line lenses

Minimizing sagittal coma flare

With 16 elements in 13 groups, the optical system features a multitude of high-tech and high-end components, including three FLD glass elements, two SLD glass elements, and two molded glass aspherical elements. This optical system minimizes optical aberrations and ensures outstanding resolution at wide-open aperture and throughout the aperture range. In particular, the two aspherical lens elements have ultra-high-precision surfaces polished to tolerances under 10 nanometers, minimizing the onion ring bokeh effect that some aspherical elements produce and ensuring clear image quality throughout the frame. In addition, the structure of the optical system gently bends light to minimize sagittal coma flare and deliver optimal optical performance from the center of the frame to the edges. The result is a smooth, round bokeh effect with ample light volume throughout the frame.

Designed to minimize flare and ghosting

From an early stage in the lens design process, flare and ghosting have been measured to establish an optical design resistant to strong incident light sources such as backlighting. SIGMA’s Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting to help photographers produce sharp and high contrast images even in backlit conditions. The included lens hood can be attached to block out extraneous light, which can have a negative effect on rendering performance.

Bright prime functionality to experience photography at its best

A bright prime lens is the ideal way to experience the essence of the art of photography. Simply select a focal length that matches the image and enjoy complete control of the depth of field.
The 16mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary is the world’s first interchangeable lens for mirrorless Sony E-mount cameras in the APS-C format to offer a 24mm focal length (35mm equivalent) and F1.4 brightness. The lens for Micro Four Thirds offers a 32mm focal length (35mm equivalent) with the same bright F1.4 aperture. This is the large-diameter wide-angle lens for which mirrorless camera users have been waiting.

Rounded diaphragm

The 9-blade rounded diaphragm creates an attractive blur in the out-of-focus areas of the image.


You'll find our philosophy and craftsmanship
in every product

Our new lineup fully expresses our approach to lenses and photography itself. All of our lenses belong to one of three lines—Contemporary, Art, or Sports—all of which share our development philosophy and advanced manufacturing system. High performance, high quality, and high end in every respect, these lenses give people who love photography lasting value and consistent, exciting results. The secret is our passion for craftsmanship that we put into every production process and every product.

Lens Construction

  • FLD glass
  • SLD glass

Lens Construction

16 elements in 13 groups

Angle of View

  • Sony E-Mount
  • Canon EF-M Mount
  • Micro Four Thirds Mount
  • L-Mount
  • FUJIFILM X Mount

Number of Diaphragm Blades

9(Rounded diaphragm)

Minimum Aperture


Minimum Focusing Distance

25cm / 9.8in.

Maximum Magnification Ratio


Filter size


Dimensions (Diameter × Length)

  • Sony E-Mount
    φ72.2mm × 92.3mm / φ2.8in. × 3.6in.
  • Canon EF-M Mount
    φ72.2mm × 92.3mm / φ2.8in. × 3.6in.
  • Micro Four Thirds Mount
    φ72.2mm × 91.1mm / φ2.8in. ×3.6in.
  • L-Mount
    φ72.2mm × 90.3mm / φ2.8in. × 3.6in.
  • FUJIFILM X Mount
    φ72.2mm × 92.6mm / φ2.8in. × 3.6in.
  • *The length of a lens is measured from the filter surface to its mount.


  • Sony E-Mount
    405g / 14.3oz.
  • Canon EF-M Mount
    405g / 14.3oz.
  • Micro Four Thirds Mount
    395g / 13.9oz.
  • L-Mount
    415g / 14.6oz.
  • FUJIFILM X Mount
    405g / 14.3oz.
Video not available.

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