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3rd Brand TM-B Timer Remote Cord

Rp 495.000 Warranty: Non Warranty

Specification :

  • for Nikon D800/ D700/ D300/ D300S/ D3s/ D3x/ D4

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Name : Multi-Function Timer Remote Control

Model : TM-B

TM Multi-Function Timer remote control provides a simple trigger function and can activate the bulb function on cameras. It also functions as a timer remote and can be programmed to function as an intervalometer.

TM is a remote control with an 90cm cord and a self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer, and exposure-count setting feature. The timer can be set anywhere from 1 sec. to 99 hrs., 59 min., 59 sec. The maximum number of exposure is 399.


TM-B Timer Remote Cord for Nikon MC-30

- self-timer: any delay between 0s - 99h 59min 59s 
- interval shooting - e.g. a shutter release every 12s 
- precise time exposure - e.g. 4min 32s 
- continuous shooting: 1 to 399 or infinite 
- modes combinable 
- Start/Stop button for programmed shutter release
- two-step release button (focus & shutter release) 
- robust body, intelligent control 
- easy and intuitively programmable 
- very handy 
- illuminated display 
- key lock

Timer remote cord with many features

This timer allows full control of the camera's shutter release. The device supports both manual shutter release as well as programmable features such as delayed release, time exposure as well as interval and continuous shooting. All these functions can be set to the second and are available individually or in any combination. The timer is easy to control. You can select and program all the functions with the cursor buttons.

Shutter button for manual shutter release

The timer has a two-step shutter button. Press the button halfway down to focus and all the way down to release. For manual time exposure you can lock the shutter button. Then the timer counts up until the time exposure is finished.

Technical details :

Delay : 0s - 99h 59min 59s 
Time exposure : up to 99h 59min 59s 
Interval : 1s - 99h 59min 59s (1s increments) 
Continuous shooting : 1-399 or infinite 
Power supply : 2x AAA batteries 
Dimensions : 11 x 4,5 x 2,2cm 
Weight : 72g 
Cable length : 90cm

Video not available.

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