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Camera Straps

Barton The Whip Natural

Rp 1.749.000 Warranty: Non Warranty

Specification :

  • 42" Long hand made & machine stitched
  • High Quality Leather
  • Durable, Comfortable, flexible, strength tested and doesn't dig into your skin like a traditional strap
  • Fits Most Rangefinders and DSLRS with round strap lugs

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Be the Indiana Jones of the Photography world with this Barton 1972 Whip style Camera Strap. The Barton 1972 camera straps are of the highest quality. They’re stylish, strong, and flexible. These straps are so comfortable, they are like a shock absorber for your shoulder relieving you of the shoulder pain and upper back tension that you many have from standard straps. The unique braiding methods makes this strap, beautiful yet durable. Discover the richness of the braiding technique, one of the most complicated on the market. It uses multiple strands of leather, to give you a strong and functional three-dimensional strap. The straps have been strength tested and can easily handle your heaviest of camera body and lens combinations. Experience the luxury and security of Barton 1972 camera straps and order yours today. It will last you many years of shooting enjoyment.

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