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Redrockmicro EyeSpy Deluxe Bundle V2

Rp 18.167.000 Warranty: Non Warranty

Specification :

  • DSLR Hybrid Video Rig
  • Complete Bundle
  • High-End Solution
  • Counterbalance Weights
  • Quick-Release Baseplate
  • Customize with Accessories

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The eyeSpy Deluxe Bundle DSLR Rig from Redrock Micro is a bundled kit designed to turn your DSLR hybrid camera into a professional video rig. This model builds upon the Standard and Balanced bundles by adding the microFollowFocus v2. This model is intended as a high-end solution.

Note: Lens gears no longer included; microFinder loupe accessory sold separately.

One Support System for All Your Shooting Styles
The award-winning Redrock DSLR 2.0 hybrid support rigs recognize that video DSLRs change the game when it comes to shooting styles and situations. No longer encumbered by large heavy cameras, DSLR cinema can shoot anytime, anyplace, discreetly and without drawing attention. Switching between motion and still photography is a snap, and your support rig needs to quickly adapt to the various shooting styles enabled by these small cameras.
Ultra Lightweight & Ultra Portable
The Redrock DSLR 2.0 hybrid rigs offer a new level of portability and light weight for still and cinema-style shooting rigs. At the heart of this system is the unique patent-pending DSLR baseplate: a lightweight connector to mount the DSLR to 15mm rails as the backbone of any setup. The DSLR baseplate has set screws to eliminate camera rotation for using accessories such as the microFollowFocus. As a result, full-size accessories are avoided, minimizing weight without sacrificing features.
Carbon Fiber Rods New as of September 2009
All DSLR bundles now ship with carbon fiber rods. Redrock's unique process results in incredibly strong precision rods that are 66% lighter than comparable stainless steel rods.
Future-proof Accessories
All DSLR 2.0 rigs are based on cinema standards wherever possible, including the important specs such as 15mm rails, film pitch gearing, and standard filter sizes. Virtually all components can also be used with video cameras, Red cameras and other DSLRs. This keeps your Redrock gear working for you now and into the future.
Revolutionary Pricing
In keeping with Redrock's philosophy of affordable ownership, DSLR 2.0 hybrid support rigs can be purchased for hundreds, not thousands, of dollars. You can also add components as your needs grow to adapt your equipment to your evolving shooting style and equipment.
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