Focus Enhancements FS-4Pro HD 80GB Portable DTE Recorder
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Focus Enhancements FS-4Pro HD 80GB Portable DTE Recorder

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  • FS-4Pro80HD (80Gb)
  • DTE™ Direct to Edit Technology
  • Very Compact & Lightweight
  • Compatible with any DV25 camcorder with Firewire output
  • DV Embedded timecode support
  • Battery (supplied) or AC Mains powered
  • GPI or RS232C controllable
  • 10 second electronic shock cache

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The FS-4 HD 80GB Portable DTE Recorder from Focus Enhancements is a hard drive based tapeless recorder that is designed to work with DV camcorders. The FS-4 HD weighs about a pound and is only 1.6" thick, making it very easy to mount on your camera or clip to your belt. The DTE recorder is fully compatible with both Macintosh and PC based editing systems, making it a great solution for anyone who is tired of the hassles associated with logging and capturing tapes.

Tapeless Acquisition

The FS-4 allows you to record directly from your camcorder while you shoot using Direct To Edit (DTE) Technology. When you are finished shooting, simply connect the FS-4 to your computer and you are instantly ready to edit in the timeline.

True DTE Technology

The recorder gives you a variety of file format options including RawDV, AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, 24P AVI Type 2, Matrox AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime or QuickTime 24P. It is also compatible with HDV camcorders that feature 720p and 1080i MPEG-2 recording.

Fast & Efficient Editing

Once you have finished shooting, you can mount the FS-4 to your Mac or PC editing system like a normal FireWire hard disk drive. This allows you to transfer clips to your NLE's media drive at up to 50 MB/sec or edit instantly in real-time using the FS-4 as your media source.

Confidence in Recording

You have the option of simultaneously recording to disk and tape while you shoot, providing an immediately available, drop out free, edit source and an archive and backup on tape.

Compact, Lightweight, Rugged Design

The FS-4 weighs less than one pound including the battery and is only 1.6" thick. You can mount the FS-4 directly to your camcorder using the optional camera mount kit or clip the FS-4 directly to your belt. The FS-4 can withstand the rigors of field shooting. The 6 second electronic shock cache ensures that your video is always recorded even in the roughest of conditions.

Flexible Capacities and Power

The recorder comes with a 80GB hard drive which can hold approximately 6 hours of footage. You can extend record times by linking 2 FS-4 units together. The FS-4 is powered by slim, removable battery packs or via the supplied AC adapter.

Easy to Use, Control and Update

The FS-4 interfaces with your camcorder using a single FireWire cable that passes audio, video, timecode and control information. When a tape is present, each press of start and stop on your camcorder's record button creates an individual clip on disk. The FS-4 features a comprehensive backlit display, menu system and buttons allowing easy control and management.


DV25 or HDV video I/O (1 x 6-pin IEEE-1394)

FireWire computer I/F–up to 400 Mb/s (1 x 6-pin IEEE-1394)

GPI and RS-232C control (1 x 3.5mm minijack)


DV embedded 2-channel (16-bit, 48 kHz) or 4-channel

(12-bit, 32 kHz) (RawDV only); HDV embedded MPEG-1 Audio Layer II

Video (DV)
25 Mbps; 8-bit 4:1:1 (NTSC-DV) or 4:2:0 (PAL-DV) (model dependent)
Video (HDV)
MPEG-2 (MP@H-14) 720p (8-bit,19.7 Mbps) or 1080i (8-bit, 25 Mbps)
DV embedded timecode (drop or nondrop)
DV DTE File Formats
RawDV, AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, Matrox AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime, AVI Type 2 24p, QuickTime 24p; FS-4 ProHD Only: P2 MXF, Pinnacle AVI, Avid DV OMF
HDV DTE File Formats
MPEG-2 ts (.m2t), QuickTime HDV 1080i 50/60 and 720p 30
Disk Speed
5400 RPM; 8MB cache
Disk Format

OS Compatibility
Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP; Mac OS 9, Mac OS X
Power Adapter
15V DC, 0.7A; minijack power connector
Custom removable Li-ion rechargeable battery
Battery Capacity1 (for battery included with model)
80GB configuration: high-capacity battery (180 minutes)
1.59" x 5.6" x 3.74" (40mm x 142mm x 95mm)
1.0 lb. (0.45 kg)
Shock Vibrations
Operating: 50cm; Non-operating: 100cm; 50Hz–60Hz (1G constant)
Operating: 0°–40°C (32°–104°F); humidity: 30%–90% RH Storage: -20°–60°C (-40°–140°F); humidity: 85% RH or less
CE, C-Tick, FCC, and RoHS
Optional Accessories
Standard-capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery (90 minutes)1 ; high-capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery (180 minutes)1 ; external battery charger; wired remote control unit; camera mount kit

Compatible Cameras


AG-DVC7, AG-DVC30, AG-DVC60, AG-DVX100, MiniDV/HDV Cams


DSR-PD100, DSR-PD150, DSR-PD170, DSR-PDX10, DSR-250, DSR300A, DSR-370, DSR-400, DSR-450, DSR-500,  DSR-570, PDW-510, PDW-530, HDR-FX1, HDR-FX7, HVR-Z1, HVR-A1, HVR-V1, HDR-HC3, DCR-VX1000, DCR-VX2000, DCR-VX2100, MiniDV/HDVCams, Digital 8 Cams

Video not available.

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