BD Background Paper Thunder Gray 2.72m x 11m
JPC   021-7180487

Studio Lighting

BD Background Paper Thunder Gray 2.72m x 11m

Rp 925.000 Warranty: Non Warranty

Specification :

  • Belum termasuk stand background. Stand background dijual terpisah.
  • Background paper
  • Warna : Thunder Gray
  • Dengan permukaan yang halus dan sempurna yang tidak memantul
  • Ideal untuk menciptakan latar belakang yang mulus dalam potret, fotografi komersial, fotografi produk, videografi, dan lainnya
  • Ukuran : 2.72m x 11m

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BD Thunder Gray Background Paper provides a high-quality, non-reflecting surface with an exquisite, fine-tooth feel that’s ideal for creating smooth backgrounds in portraits, commercial photography, product photography, videography and more.

  • Available in 2.72m x 11m, 2.18m x 11m and 1.35m x 11m
  • High-quality, heavyweight paper
  • Fine-tooth, non-reflective surface
  • Acid-free and core wound for longevity
  • Paper density: 145 GSM
  • Core diameter: 5.7cm (interior)
  • 100% Recyclable 

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