SYNCO Lav S6D Dual Lavalier Microphone for Camera Smartphone Laptop
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SYNCO Lav S6D Dual Lavalier Microphone for Camera Smartphone Laptop

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  • Transducer : Electret Condenser
  • Polar Pattern : Omni-directional
  • Frequency Response : 60Hz to 19KHz
  • Signal/Noise : 75dB
  • Sensitivity : -30dB±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa,1KHz)
  • Output Impedance : 1000?
  • Audio Cable : 6m
  • Connector : 3.5mm (1/8") 4-pole Gold Plug
  • Battery Type : LR44
  • Dimensions : ?17.5*50mm
  • Weight: 94g

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Dual-head condenser lavalier microphone SYNCO Lav-S6D combines CVC automatic noise reduction and SYNCO audio decoding technology to deliver high-quality sound with rich details and less noise. With a 19.7-feet durable audio cable, it picks up two sound sources at greater distances simultaneously. It is ideal for interviews, conferences, YouTube podcasting, teaching, video recording, etc.

Dual Head Lavalier Microphone

SYNCO Lav-S6D collar microphone adopts a unique dual-mic design to record two sound sources in one device. There is no need to move the mic from one speaker to the other when it is the simultaneous recording of 2 voices.

SYNCO Lav-S6D Dual Head Lavalier Microphone

Wide Device Compatibility

The PHONE/ CAMERA mode switch, with accessories 3.5mm TRS/TRRS connector and 6.3mm adapter, allows Lav-S6D lapel mic to get adapted to a smartphone, DSLR, camcorder, audio recorder, mixer, laptop, PC, etc.

SYNCO Lav-S6D Wide Device Compatibility
SYNCO Lav-S6D High-Quality Material

High-Quality Material

SYNCO S6D collar microphone provides 2 specialized windshields to reduce wind noise to get pretty good recording result even in a noisy environment. Robust audio cable and metal plug extend its life span.

Omnidirectional Condenser Capsule

With an omnidirectional condenser capsule, this SYNCO high quality lapel microphone boasts higher sensitivity and greater frequency response. It equally picks up sound at 360° around it and faithfully reproduces natural sound.

SYNCO Lav-S6D Omnidirectional Condenser Capsule

Intelligent Sound Processing

S6D lav mic runs 2 technologies - CVC noise reduction technology and SYNCO audio decoding technology - to reduce low-frequency noise generated by electrical current and improves the recording result.

SYNCO Lav-S6D Intelligent Sound Processing

19.7ft Ultra Long Cord

19.7 Feet (6 meters) high-quality cord for each head delivers audio signals to the device steadily, rapidly, and truly. Speakers can keep a greater distance from each other and from the device, thus the filming is more flexible.

SYNCO Lav-S6D 19.7ft Ultra Long Cord
TransducerElectret Condenser
Polar PatternOmni-directional
Frequency Response60Hz to 19KHz
Sensitivity-30dB±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa,1KHz)
Output Impedance
Audio Cable
Connector3.5mm (1/8") 4-pole Gold Plug
Battery Type
Video not available.

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