Godox Flash 250 SDi Studio light
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Studio Flash

Godox Flash 250 SDi Studio light

Rp 1.650.000   Rp 1.350.000 Warranty: Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun
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  • Model: 250SDI;
  • Flash Output: 250WS;
  • Guide Number (ISO100): 48m for 250WS strobe;
  • Color Temperature: 5600±200K;
  • Power Voltage: AC220V 50Hz / AC110-120V 60Hz;
  • Flash Power Control: 8 steps;
  • Modeling Lamp: 75W;
  • Recharging Time: 0.5-2s;
  • Flash Triggering Method: Sync cord, Slave, Test button;
  • Flash Duration: 1/2000-1/800s;
  • Fuse: 5A;
  • Dimension: 230*200*108mm;
  • Weight: Approx 1.16Kg;
  • Flash Triggering Method: Sync cord,Test button,Slave.

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1x Godox 250SDi Flash

1x Modeling Light

1x Sync Cord

1x Power Cord

1x Kartu Garansi

Disclaimer : Pabrik dapat sewaktu-waktu mengubah kelengkapan ini, dan mungkin saja menyebabkan perbedaan antara yg tercantum di atas dengan content yg Anda terima sewaktu Anda membelinya

This series of studio flash, modeling lights can be set to full brightness or proportional transferred to the appropriate power, as the flash goes off, with a large studio lights with modeling lights the same effect. With anti-pre-flash function using a pre-flash with the camera can be used to synchronize the light control film. The quality, reliable, durable, suitable for portrait, fashion, wedding art, advertisement photography, shooting video, etc.

  • Color Temperature
    Color TemperatureColor Temperature: 5600±200K
    Power OutputPower Voltage: AC220V 50Hz / AC110-120V 60Hz
    Flash DurationFlash Duration: 1/2000-1/800s
    Guide No. (m ISO 100)Guide Number (ISO100): 48m for 250WS strobe
    Technical Data
    SpecificationModel: 250SDI| Flash Output: 250WS| Flash Power Control: 8 steps| Modeling Lamp: 75W| Flash Triggering Method: Sync cord, Slave, Test button| Fuse: 5A| Flash Triggering Method: Sync cord,Test button,Slave|
    ChargerRecharging Time: 0.5-2s
    Dimensions (WxHxD)Dimension: 230*200*108mm;
    WeightWeight: Approx 1.16Kg;
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