Feiyu Scorp F2 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer Kamera FeiyuTech Tech
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Gimbal Stabilizer And Rigs

Feiyu Scorp F2 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer Kamera FeiyuTech Tech

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01 - 30 Juni 2024

Specification :

  • Max payload updates to 2.5 kg, easily work with popular mirrorless cameras.
  • 3 Axis motor-lock design to get a convenient balance and storage.
  • Integrated hanging handle which can switch among different angle to use in more different shooting scenes.
  • Touch screen operation without APP to directly set up parameters and change follow mode.
  • Center of gravity memory slider make balancing easier.
  • No tripod required, the gimbal comes with a folding aileron bracket.

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Feiyu SCORP 3-Axis Camera Handheld Stabilizer


314.4*210.7*240.3mm(Gimbal balancing position)
280.8*263.6*68.1mm (Gimbal folded position)


About 1200g/2.65 lb (including quick release plate, not included other accessories and camera)

Material of Main Body

Synthetic macromolecular resin,Alumninum Alloys


About 2.5kg/5.51 lb (well balanced)

Water Proof




3-axis Motor

Controllable Range


Rotatable Range

Tilt: 340°(With limitation)
Roll: 340°(With limitation)
Pan: 360°(Unlimited)

Extended Ports

At the bottom of the handle:

1/4 inch thread hole*1, which can mount Tripod; Below the multifunction knob: Type-C charging port*1;

In front of fixed plate:

Type-C extension port*2 to connect focus motors;

At the back of fixed plate:

Type-C camera control port*1, Type-C image transmission port*1;

In front of quick release plate:

1/4 inch thread hole*1, for installation of lens holder;

On the top of vertical cross arm:

1/4 inch thread hole*1, for installation of ARRI rosettes adaptor?



Lithium Cell


2500mAh, built-in battery cannot be removed, charge it via the USB-C port

Theoretical Battery Life


Operating Voltage


Operating Temperature

-10°- 45°

Charging Time

About 1.6h (Using 18W fast charger)




Required Operating System

iOS 9.0 or later
Android 6.0 or later

How To Control The Camera

While connecting gimbal and cameras with cable (standard accessories for SONY, CANON, NIKON, Panasonic), users can control picture-taking/recording with shutter button and set aperture, shutter, ISO and other camera parameters (see Camera Compatibility List for more).

Motor Power Auto Tune

Auto Tune motor power is available to the App or Touch Screen. Gimbal auto tune the motor power according to the camera you install. Auto Tune operation: Enter the motor power setting through touch screen, and tap Auto Tune, then put gimbal on the table until the display prompt calibration complete. Gimbal will vibrate slightly while Auto Tune to weigh the camera, it’s a normal phenomenon.

Optional Accessories

Monopod (Pay attention to its max payload)?
Carbon Fiber Extension Rod?
Feiyu SCORP Focus Motor?
ARRI rosettes adaptor?
Portrait/landscape dual-use quick release plate?
Feiyu SCORP Image Transmission Transmitter?
wireless microphone kit? wireless microphone ( transmitter terminal )*1? wireless microphone (receiving terminal)*1?wireless clip-on microphone *1?
Body-mounted Weight Support for installing flash lamp/ soft light/ Microphone and other devices via cold shoes?

Available Functions For Users

1. Change follow modes via touch screen/buttons, directly show the state of camera connection, Bluetooth, control object , battery at the display without APP.
2. One tap to enter Auto rotation mode (Inception mode), long exposure timelapse, VLOG Selfie and portrait shooting for TikTok, and more special shooting way.
3. Manually set up the rotation speed, picture interval, long exposure time and the movement route in auto-rotation mode for long exposure timelapse.
4. Switch between portrait and landscape mode. 5. Control picture-taking/recording with shutter button and set aperture, shutter, ISO and other camera parameters (see Camera Compatibility List for more).
6. Customize the some button functions, motor power, follow speed, dead zone, language, etc.
7. Initialize the gimbal when it is not level.
8. Manually set up the shooting angle on tilt axis and pan axis by hand.
9. Upgrade the firmware , set up the parameter, remote control on APP.

Video not available.

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