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Dry Box And Dry Cabinet

Dry Pack Large Moisture Absorber Electronic Regenerate

Rp 180.000 Warranty: Non Warranty

Specification :

  • Mencegah tumbuhnya jamur akibat kelembaban lingkungan atau suhu pada obyek itu sendiri (seperti: kamera, lensa, handycam, negative film, dll),
  • Menyerap (memvakum) udara lembab dalam lingkungan / media yang tertutup
  • Menstabilkan kondisi ruang dry box (cabinet) / camera box / media penyimpan pada tingkat kelembaban tertentu

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Wonderful Electronic Moisture Absorber (Silica Gel Electronic Recycle Device) (380g) is an auto moisture absorber which can be put to a container or camera bag to absorb the moisture in the invironment it situated. 

When the Absorber becomes full, the silica gel inside the Absorber will turn PINK. During this time, the Absorber can be plugged to a power supply to dissipate the wet silica gel and turn it back to BLUE. 

Silica gel in blue colour condition means that the Absorber is dry and is ready to absorb moisture from the environment.

Voltage :AC 110V ~ 240V
Frequency :50 ~ 60Hz
Capacity :105 x 155 x 34mm
Power :16W
Weight :380 gram
Video not available.

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