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STADLER FORM Albert Little Dehumidifier.

Rp 6.250.000 Warranty: 1 Year

Specification :

  • 10 liter dehumidification capacity in 24 hours
  • Air outlet with swing mode
  • 2 liter water tank with automatic handle
  • Energy-saving
  • Quiet
  • Hygrostat
  • Swing mode

Albert Little Dehumidifier
"Maintaining Optimal Air Humidity"
Albert is a means of absorbing little humid air (dehumidifier) ??that should be used to reduce excess humidity in the room. A decrease in humidity levels needed to obtain optimum air quality for the health and comfort of our family. Albert little to offer high technology in a timeless design that has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2013 as well as the AAA rating on the results of high energy efficiency.
Air is the basis of all life. Without realizing it, we breathe about 20,000 if every day to breathe 12,000 liters of air. The quality of the air we breathe directly influence the health and comfort us.
But often we do not think that the air quality is not just a clean air (free of pollutants) or cool air (comfortable temperature). No less important is the ideal humidity, which has a relative humidity levels ranging from 40% to 60%.
If we use the air purifier (water purifier) ??to obtain clean air, A / C for the air conditioning, humidifier (humidifier) ??to humidify the dry air, then we need a moist absorbent air (dehumidifier) ??to absorb moisture or excessive moisture in air.
We live tropical region, which means humidity is quite high (above 70% to be exact), not to mention during the rainy season that number will rise. Store the camera and lens in a long time when not in use require special storage strategies and to overcome the humidity.
High Humidity Why Bad For Cameras and Lenses?
High humidity and continuously can damage electronic components as well as a camera sensor, while the fungus can grow and develop dioptik lens. Once the fungus grows, optical quality can be affected and the result is not optimal picture.
How many digits Humidity Ideal for Camera?
Figures about 40-60% RH (relative humidity, relative humidity)
Growth avoid fungus and mites
Ruagan valve has a water content of excessive moisture and are ideal conditions for micro-organisms (such as fungi and mites) to be able to grow and multiply.
As already known, mites "drinking" and obtain the necessary water resources by absorbing excess moisture from the air. Thus, keep the humidity at a rate of 40% - 60% is one of the most effective ways that are often recommended by health experts to resolve the issue.
Reducing Symptoms of Allergies and Asthma
The room containing excessive moisture will feel heavy, smelly and damp. This uncomfortable condition coupled with the problem of dust mites and mold above a source of the main triggers for people with asthma and allergies.

Able to absorb moisture up to 10 liters per day for an area of 30 m2.
The rate of 2 liters of water reservoirs
Energy efficiency even if used 24 hours non-stop
Equipped with integrated hygrostat 4 levels
Features Night Mode
Easy to move thanks to wheels that are located at the bottom

Max. Spacious Room 30 m2
Water Shelter Capacity 2 liters
The Noise Level 32-42 dB
Power Consumption 210 Watt
Dimensions 298 x 216 x 555 mm
Weight 10.2 Kg
Video not available.

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