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BONECO D561 Healthy Air

Rp 7.600.000 Warranty: 1 Year

Specification :

  • 80 m2 Recommended Room Size
  • 25 Liters Dehumidification capability
  • 3,7 Liters Shelter Water Capacity (liter)
  • 4 Levels Hygrostat humidity regulator
  • 46 db Maximum noise level
  • 365 watt Maximum Energy Consumption

Moist absorbent (de-humidifier) Boneco D561 serves to reduce excess humidity in your roomSangatefektifdalammenc glorious growth of fungi and sporesthe risk of corrosion and rustand to realize the fresh airlight and comfortableSo it should be used in laundry roomstoreroomcloset and storage of valuables that are susceptible to excess moisture.
Reduces humidity in the room when the air is too humid (60%).
Prevents growth of mold and mites.
Keeping the comfort and health of your family.

Recommended Room Size 80 m2
Dehumidification Capability (liters perday) 2 Liters
Shelter Water Capacity 3,7 Liters
Hygrostat Humidity Regulator 4 Level
Maximum Noise Level 46 db
Dimensions (mm) 390 x 273 x 572 mm
Weight 12 Kg
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