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3rd Brand FC-2 Diffuser for Canon

Rp 48.000 Warranty: Non Warranty
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Specification :

  • Diffuser flash
  • Membuat cahaya lampu flash menjadi lebih lembut
  • Mendukung berbagai ketinggian flash
  • Kompatibilitas : Kamera DSLR Nikon dan Canon

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Diffusers spread and soften the light emitted from your flash unit, bouncing off ceilings and walls, instead of coming from a single concentrated light source. Diffusers are especially important when taking portraits or other close up shots to eliminate harsh shadows that can otherwise ruin a photo. 

Easily and quickly mounts via your camera's hot shoe slot. 
Adjustable for center positioning on any pop-up flash regardless of size.
Diffuser is flexible, light weight and fits easily in your camera bag in two pieces. 

BrandThird Party
Tipe ProdukFC-2 DIFFUSER
KompatibilitasFor Canon/Nikon
Dimensi Produk-
Video not available.

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