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Leica 90mm f/2.5 Summarit-M Black (11646)

Rp 26.680.500 Warranty: Leica International

Specification :

  • Angle of View 20.4, 17.1, 11.4 Degree
  • 1m Minimum Focus
  • Half Stop Aperture Ring
  • E46 Filter Thread
  • Combined Meter Feet Scale

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The Leica 90mm f/2.5 Summarit-M Lens is a fast telephoto lens that is part of the Summarit-M class of affordable rangefinder lenses. This lens is ideal for portraiture and photojournalism, or for quick snapshots when you want to take pictures inconspicuously from a distance.

Summarit-M lenses are designed to offer traditional Leica optical and mechanical excellence, while positioned at a price level below the current M ASPH lenses. With a maximum aperture of f/2.5, and by applying classical and proven spherical lens designs, these lenses provide excellent quality. These features also result in a very compact design.

This lens has been updated with the "6-bit" coding, which allows the digital M camera to read this information optically and to identify which lens is being used. The camera can then (optionally) apply a "final stage" software based vignetting correction (for RAW images the lens used is simply recorded, no change is made).

All letter and number engravings will be made using the traditional "Leitz-Norm" font as originally used by Leitz Wetzlar during the 1960's, and the red button on the lens mount will be true to the original color used on lenses produced since the introduction of the M mount through the 1970's.
Includes "6-bit code" which allows the digital M8 camera to identify which lens is being used, and also to store this information in image metadata.
High quality, fast, compact and lightweight.
The 11-bladed circular aperture creates a shallow depth-of-field that brings attention to the subject and blurs the background, which is ideal for portraits and weddings.
Manufactured and marked "Made in Germany".
Filter Size46mm
f/Stop Range2.5-16
Minimum Focus Distance3.3' (1 m)
Angle of View27°
Length2.6" (66mm)
Maximum Diameter2.2" (55mm)
Weight12.7 oz (360 g)
Video not available.

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